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Six Reasons Car Dealers Need e-Bikes – Part 5

President, Automotive
ALWAYS Bikes, a division of eBliss Global

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Reason #5: Diversify revenue to protect your future

Dealers have endured a lot of changes over the years, but many experts are predicting that the next decade could be the most difficult yet for automobile dealers. Many of the factors outlined earlier in this paper will play a role. Declining vehicle ownership, increasing vehicle prices, the impact of electric vehicles, and more, will present challenges for dealers. And for the first time in a long time, other aspects of the dealer’s business—like service, parts, and finance—will also be under attack with the changing transportation landscape.

Photo - Part 6Possibly the biggest threat looming is the potential for alternative distribution models that many OEMs are exploring. With that said, dealers need to look for alternative forms of income to help mitigate future risk. The biggest opportunity is to leverage what they have: an established transportation business, a professional retail environment, and a lot of customers. New car dealers currently dominate the sale of transportation needs to consumers, generating over $1.7 trillion in sales per year. Every day, a whopping 2.3 million consumers spend money in a car dealership. This makes dealerships the perfect platform to capture a large portion of the exploding e-bike market. Much like when new vehicle brands came to the US, if dealers turn their attention to this alternative transportation offering now, they can quickly dominate the space, giving dealers a whole new business, inside their business, to rely on for a bright future.

We’ll wrap up this series with a note on conquesting. If you’re an automotive dealer interested in learning more about adding e-bikes to your sales portfolio, call us at 888 341 6450, or visit us online at