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Six Reasons Car Dealers Need e-Bikes – Part 4

President, Automotive
ALWAYS Bikes, a division of eBliss Global

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Reason #4: Catch the wave, don’t get crushed by it

Out of nowhere, e-bikes have become the fastest-growing segment in transportation. Taking a cue from Europe, e-bike sales are on a tear in the US. In 2023, US consumers purchased 1.8 million e-bikes, roughly 12% of the number of cars and trucks (15 million). This is a staggering number when you consider that e-bikes are just starting to find their place in this country.

Photo - Part 4

As the leader in supplying transportation for over a century, car dealers are the obvious choice to take on this new chapter in transportation. US e-bike sales have grown over 400% in the last three years. In 2022, e-bikes generated $885.5 million in sales, and when the dust settles, 2023 is expected to eclipse the $1 billion dollar mark. And this unprecedented growth occurred despite a quite disjointed and immature retail network, with products that aren’t very good. As people continue to transition to a 15-minute lifestyle, this growth is likely to accelerate in the years ahead, and demand for quality products will increase.

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