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Six Reasons Car Dealers Need e-Bikes – Part 3

President, Automotive
ALWAYS Bikes, a division of eBliss Global

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Reason #3: Meet the consumer demand for alternative forms of transportation

Alternative transportation solutions such as e-mobility are very desirable, yet electric vehicles have not taken off like people predicted. For dealers, this might be good news, as the cost to offer this uncertain product is very high. Charging stations, battery storage, special tools, and marketing pressure from the OEMs have made getting into the EV business a very expensive, unattractive proposition for dealers. There are some who believe that EVs will never take off in the US as they have in other parts of the world. Other than very densely populated areas with short commutes, some experts predict that EVs will never gain mass adoption in this country.

Photo - Part 3This does not mean that consumers aren’t looking for transportation alternatives that reduce their environmental impact and better fit their lifestyle. In fact, cultural shifts and lifestyle changes have impacted people’s attitudes towards driving in general. The rise of social media and virtual connectivity has altered social interactions, reducing the need for physical mobility. Moreover, the increasing focus on work-life balance and the desire for flexible work arrangements have led some individuals to prioritize alternative modes of transportation that align with their lifestyle choices.

The concept of the 15-minute lifestyle is quickly becoming a desire/reality for many. People are looking to develop a life that puts every aspect (work, entertainment, shopping, healthcare, education, etc.), within 15 minutes of their home. This concept got a huge boost during the recent pandemic, when many people realized they preferred this home-centric lifestyle. E-mobility in the form of an e-bike will quickly become a staple in the diversified garage, where the primary mode of daily transportation will shift from four wheels to two.

How are you preparing to meet heightened demand for alternative transportation options? If you’re an automotive dealer interested in learning more about adding e-bikes to your sales portfolio, call us at 888 341 6450, or visit us online at