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Six Reasons Car Dealers Need e-Bikes – Part 1

President, Automotive
ALWAYS Bikes, a division of eBliss Global

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Reason #1: Hyper-efficient Return on Invested Capital (HEROIC)

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Every dealer would love (NEED) to grow revenue, but at what cost? With higher interest rates these days, smart businesspeople need to analyze investments not only from a total return standpoint, but also from a use of capital ROI. The table to the right shows a comparison between an ALWAYS e-bike and new and used vehicle data derived from NADA. It shows that from a pure return on capital perspective, selling an e-bike is much better use of capital than a car.

Looking at it differently, if you were to take the $45,000 invested in a new vehicle and purchase e-bikes, you would have 16 units that would net you $5,600 in gross profit, far greater than that of a single new or used vehicle. These are uncertain times, and “smart” investments will make the difference between winning and losing. HEROIC is not just an acronym, but a statement of fact for business operators that use their capital wisely.

In my next post, we’ll discuss declining rates of driver’s license acquisition. If you’re an automotive dealer interested in learning more about adding e-bikes to your sales portfolio, call us at 888 341 6450, or visit us online at