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eBliss Launches Strategic Distribution Partnership

New trailblazer in transportation tech announces launch, teaming up with Tomberlin to lead transportation revolution with smarter, more sustainable, and easy-to-use electric bikes

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, eBliss, an e-mobility company led by longtime innovators in transportation and tech, announced its launch with a mission to ignite the biggest evolution in how people get to where they want to be since cars replaced the horse and buggy. The future of transportation lies in emerging technology that will allow us to get around with ease and efficiency, while also caring for our planet—eBliss is setting out to make that future a reality, engineering smarter, more sustainable e-transportation and micromobility solutions for every end use.

eBliss is launching with an exclusive distribution partnership with Tomberlin, a leading electric low-speed vehicle distributor with coast-to-coast retail coverage throughout the U.S. Tomberlin will carry a bespoke line of eBliss ebikes under the EVOKE brand, with bikes now available online and hitting stores by spring later this year.

eBliss is currently in the market with brands The Ride and EVOKE, with more e-mobility offerings to be announced this year. With renowned bicycle designer Tony Ellsworth serving as eBliss CDO, each eBliss vehicle is strategically designed to be long lasting and maintenance-free, with a focus on simplicity, functionality, and style, and is tailor built for each rider's specific needs, whether they be commuting, getting groceries, safely transporting families, making deliveries, or cruising with friends. Engineered with groundbreaking technology and the highest quality components, eBliss's transportation solutions are built to fit seamlessly into our lives, moving us all forward, whatever your destination may be.

The eBliss team wields decades of experience in the automotive, technology, transportation, and bicycle industries and is led by Chairman and CEO Bill Klehm who pioneered the NuVinci Continuously Variable Transmission—the first viable replacement for geared systems since the bicycle was invented over 200 years ago, the fastest-growing bike transmission across the globe, and the powerhouse technology driving eBliss's ebikes. Having already reinvented the wheel, and with an eye ever toward the future, eBliss is reenvisioning transportation to deliver solutions of the future—today.

"Those of us in the position to change the planet for the better have a responsibility to make that change a reality," said eBliss CEO Bill Klehm. "That's why eBliss is leading a transportation revolution now. Our mission is to build a world where everyone has access to practical, safe, efficient, and enjoyable e-mobility solutions that take them wherever they want to go and make their lives and our planet better along the way. Our ebikes won't only be intelligently engineered to suit a wide range of needs, but will ensure each and every person has the capability, in their own hands, to meaningfully change the world."

"Tomberlin is excited to add two-wheeled modes of transportation to its existing stable of vehicles," said Program Manager Greg Breckley. "Our primary mission is to provide advanced electric vehicles for short-distance trips that comprise the majority of the US population's transportation needs. This partnership allows us to serve additional customers in exciting new markets."

115 million car trips are driven daily in the U.S., with 59 million of those rides being fewer than seven miles from home and 76% of Americans driving to work solo on a daily basis. With so many short distance, single-person car trips, the world is primed for its next big leap forward in transportation. eBliss is ready to get us there.

Please visit to sign up for updates. The Ride ebikes are currently available for purchase online at For more information on Tomberlin exclusive EVOKE models, please visit or stop by your local Tomberlin dealer and test ride a bike soon.

About eBliss
eBliss Global is an e-mobility company innovating smarter, more sustainable ways for people to get to where they want to be. Through proprietary technology and an eye ever toward the future, eBliss is reshaping the transportation industry. Each eBliss vehicle is strategically designed to be long lasting and maintenance-free, with a focus on simplicity and functionality, and is tailor built for each rider's specific needs, whether they be commuting, getting groceries, safely transporting families, making deliveries, or cruising with friends. eBliss is a company that moves people. Led by longtime innovators in the transportation and tech industries and creators of the NuVinci Continuously Variable Transmission, eBliss is disrupting and evolving how we think about everyday transportation. Driven by the conviction that we can achieve a more sustainable, efficient, and healthy world for all, eBliss delivers transportation solutions of the future—today.

Tomberlin, a subsidiary of the Nordic Group of Companies, Ltd., headquartered in Baraboo, WI, is a manufacturer and distributor of advanced electric vehicles designed for short distance commuting, open neighborhoods, master-planned communities and golf courses. Since 1946, Nordic Group brands have provided one of the most extensive line-ups of electric vehicles in the world. Tomberlin and other Nordic Group brands serve customers in consumer, commercial, and industrial applications. Learn more at

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